Personal training: 60 minutes

When signing up for the personal training monthly package you receive:

    • One-on-one training with owner and head trainer.
    • A personalized meal plan designed to help reach your desired fitness goals.
    • Contact me outside our training session whenever you have a question regarding anything fitness and nutrition related.

Group/Team Training: 75-90 minutes

Each training program is tailored specifically to each athlete’s sport

The workout regime is as follows:

    • 20-minute dynamic warm-up focusing on strengthening the core, low back, hips, which are extremely vital in building up the rest of the bigger muscle groups.
    • Each training day will focus on primarily both upper and lower body. One workout will emphasize speed training while the other will emphasize the strength component.
    • Each workout will end with static stretching to help reduce soreness and increase recovery time before the next training day.

Injury Prevention

Stretching and flexibility are the most underrated components to optimizing your athletic ability. To maximize your performance you must be stretching prior to and after each session to reduce soreness and increase recovery. The best athletes and top fitness individuals are more often than not the most flexible.

Injuries are very common while playing an elite sport or performing an intense workout. Injury prevention is very critical when it comes to building a fundamental sound physique or whatever your desired outcome may be.

At Results Fast our workouts are centered around keeping your body injury free to help sustain the stress caused on your body from the workout.


    • Nutrition is an extremely vital component to an athlete’s success. Without the proper diet plan you will always be one step behind.
    • While training you body is in a depletion state and the weakest. It’s after a workout when your body needs the proper rest and nutrients to replenish the muscles that were broken down while training.

Online Training

If you have an extremely busy schedule and find it a challenge to make it into a gym, I have workouts that can be done in 30 minutes or less. We will discuss your goals and what you are trying to improve on which will allow me to design a specialized program just for you available for you to download and use whenever and wherever.

If you sign up for this package, you will also receive a meal plan and an updated workout plan that will change every month. The best part about this package is it requires very little equipment, which can be done in the serenity of you living room, hotel room when traveling, or even in your backyard.

Contact me directly if you’re interested and we’ll get your program started right away.