Importance of Nutrition

April 25, 20170

Before I begin working without a new client, the very first thing I will cover is nutrition and their current diet plan. It is virtually impossible to perform at an optimal level and see results you want if you lack the nutrition component. I know you guys heard of the famous term, abs are made in the kitchen. I live and train by this term because its 100% true. You can only train your abs so much since they are like any other body part and need time to recover. It all comes down to how you are fueling your body with proper nutrients on a daily basis to receive the results you want faster at a faster rate. Contact me to learn more about nutrition and getting you started on a meal plan that fits your body type and workout regime.

Here is an example of three days worth of food that I will eat (breakfast not pictured). Preparation is key and having my meals already made allows me to never miss a meal no matter how busy my schedule may me. The meals pictured below are from Power Clean, a food prep company that offers convenient, great tasting pre-made meals shipped right to your house. Contact me for more info!


by Ryan Fatzinger

President of Results Fast

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