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May 10, 20170

Join me at Results Fast for adult fitness training offered 4x a week. Whether you’re a parent or an individual looking for a fun and diverse style of working out available for all fitness levels.

May 5, 20170

Jeremie Casabon is one of the top tennis players in the nation in his age group. He puts in countless hours on and off the court to continue building his overall tennis game. Jeromie has been training with me twice a week for the past 2 months to help increase his strength, speed, and explosiveness to take his game to the next level. He has seen tremendous results and continues to improve each workout. This past weekend Jeromie took first place in singles and doubles in his tournament. Jeromie could have taken time off from practice and training to celebrate his victories, but instead returned to the gym for our next scheduled training session. Greatness isn’t handed to you, you have to wake up each day and stop at nothing until your goals are reached no matter how big they are.


April 25, 20170

Before I begin working without a new client, the very first thing I will cover is nutrition and their current diet plan. It is virtually impossible to perform at an optimal level and see results you want if you lack the nutrition component. I know you guys heard of the famous term, abs are made in the kitchen. I live and train by this term because its 100% true. You can only train your abs so much since they are like any other body part and need time to recover. It all comes down to how you are fueling your body with proper nutrients on a daily basis to receive the results you want faster at a faster rate. Contact me to learn more about nutrition and getting you started on a meal plan that fits your body type and workout regime.

Here is an example of three days worth of food that I will eat (breakfast not pictured). Preparation is key and having my meals already made allows me to never miss a meal no matter how busy my schedule may me. The meals pictured below are from Power Clean, a food prep company that offers convenient, great tasting pre-made meals shipped right to your house. Contact me for more info!


April 24, 20170

Monday Motivation – Tip of the Day

TGIM – Life is full of obstacles and these obstacles you face won’t overcome themselves. You need to wake up every single day and welcome them with open arms. Say thank god for every day and gain one step closer to reaching your goals. Push yourselves to accomplish a feat no matter how small or big. Start by making a check list and each day make it your goal to cross one off at a time. The feeling is extremely rewarding and it will open up doors to many more opportunities.


April 16, 20170

Welcome to our website! At Results Fast there are many resources available to utilize and assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Resources include sports training; both personal and small group training, and customized nutritional meal plans. When you sign up for any of these packages you will have full access to weekly workouts, tips of the day, fun facts, and the opportunity to make it on to the wall of fame. Also, there will be workouts posted for purchase that can be completed with little equipment in the serenity of your own home, while on vacation or just can’t make it to the gym. Whether its strength or speed training, improving your endurance and flexibility, building your core strength or losing weight, you will be able to find the right program that will help you achieve maximum results.

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